Question is where in the hell I start.

Do I tell you the reader about me when I was young, no I don”t think that would interest you, maybe in my middle years bringing up a family of five kids. Don’t think you would like for me to start way back then so I will start at the point where I am at at this very moment.

I have reached the ripe old age of 70, that’s not old you say, well when you have been through what has happened in my life, combine that with long hours of hard work, yea, I reckon  I’m at the ripest I am going to be, because it is all down hill from this point.

Bald as a Badger, deaf as a post, fit as a Mallee bull and still working faster than a lizard drinking, that’s me.

I suppose I had better get serious, retired forestry/machinery operator. Now I travel with my Nissan Patrol and caravan around Australia with a home base in Tasmania, write a bit of ramble poetry when the mood strikes or I have a moment of boredom.

That I am afraid is the nuts and bolts,for an insight in to the past you may have to follow my writings and may you enjoy many camp fires under the stars and experience the sheer brilliance and the feeling of being alive, when you sit down to a beer, watching the sun slowly sink on the horizon, then waken to a sunrise so magical it feels great to be alive.


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