Kev’s initial ramblings

To test the waters( so to speak) I will give a short update of where I am at present. Recent travels in the Snowy Mountains and the inclement weather have brought me to a town midway between the east coast of New South Wales and the highlands. The town is called Bombala, a rural location with a timber background, situated on the banks of the Bombala river.

I left the high country when storms started to roll in, I was camped on the shores of Blowering lake. The day started bright and sunny with a temperature in the low 30’s but quickly changed when the heavy rolling clouds and thunder and lightening hit the area.

I moved from the lake shore to hard ground next to the Snowy Mountains Highway. That night it pelted down and the thunder was crackling and banging overhead.

Next morning I packed up and headed down the mountain to Cooma, it rained and blew the whole way down.IMGA0021  The camp at Blowering Lake.IMGA0027 A view from the top of the hill.IMGA0024  The many Kangaroos I had for company. There were hundreds of them, just grazing on the lush grasses.

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