My Travels 23/10/2014


“Roseneath” In the Bush by the Sea

Roseneath was another beautiful camp spot on the coast in the land of the lakes. All amenities except power for $10 per day per person, plenty of bush camping amongst the gums and Banksia. Really great sunsets over the lake, very quite and peaceful, prompting me to put pen to paper.



Kevin l Fairbrother

The Gippsland lakes on Victoria east-coast

Has a body of water that is all interlinked

Isolated from the deep and rough waters of the Tasman Sea

By the ever changing sand dunes, held together by grasses and heath


The lakes fed by the cold fresh waters of the mountains to the west

To the north lies the only escape for the fresh water, at Lakes Entrance

For here the cold water slowly pushes against the inflow from the ocean

But the ocean more powerful fills the lakes at times with salt water


Lake Wellington a massive body of shallow water is fed by the Avon River

The lake is surrounded by forests of Banksia and productive farm land

On the south-east of the lakes shore, hidden with-in the Banksia forest

Lies “ROSENEATH” a caravan, camping and bush retreat


This gem on the Wellington shores has all the amenities

Swimming pool, tennis court, barbecue area, walking tracks, the beach

Life here is easy-going, so you can forget about all of life’s stresses

In the bush, by the beach with your hosts, Terry & Grace Lewis


Take a walk in the bush or by the foreshore, enjoy a natural experience

Take note of the flora and fauna, peddle a bike or ride your horse

Catch a fish, have a swim or take part in other water sports

For “Roseneath” has it all, you and the family just need to be there


Wake to the dawn; hear the sounds of the many birds

Sunset by the lake shores an amazing experience

At “Roseneath” your experience will live with you forever

You will be rejuvenated in mind, body and soul

IMGA0048Lake Wellington beach

IMGA0046Camp area.

IMGA0054Sunset on the lake.




90 mile beach area.

From Roseneath I travelled down through the towns of



I pulled up stakes at Paradise Beach as I didn’t want to be fined for illegal camping as I did not have a permit from Parks Victoria.

The power’s that be in parks have implemented a program of charging for camp spots along the 90 mile beach, up until July these camp spots were free. Now parks are charging per site (they are now all numbered) a fee of $37.00. This is ludicrous , as all you get for your money, is a drop toilet, limited water, no rubbish bins and a small area of cleared and grassed area.

Travellers are being turned away by the hundreds, saying the fees are extortion, it cheaper in a caravan park and what do you get, not very much.

So why would Victorian parks go down this path of charging fees. To cover the cost of maintenance, they say but don’t they realize that if people are not going to pay these fees and go elsewhere, then Parks are going to be out of pocket anyway. Very short sighted, I reckon.

Right to get back to my travels today, after leaving Paradise Beach, I went through the small village of Golden Beach, I needed some milk so I went to the local shop, noticing that there was a 48 hour free stop off for RV on are large piece of bitumen.  Strange that the small town would encourage travellers whilst Parks were discouraging the use by travellers on 90 mile Beach. I chatted to the owner of the shop, who made the comment that Parks will kill this place by their implementation of fees. Already half the town is for sale, she said.

Another nail in Parks decision.

I travelled down the road leading to Seaspray,  more or less follow the coast and 90 mile beach, could not actually see the coast because of the high coastal tee-tree and Banksia. Seaspray was another holiday town with lots of homes for sale.

Went by way of Giffard and Darriman then via the Gippsland highway to McLoughlins Beach, then onto a free camp at Reeves Beach, where I am camped up.

IMGA007490 mile beachIMGA0072Camp a tParidise Beach

Met a interesting fellow who is living out of a little Ford Laser, has his whole life within that small car. Has been living this way for 6 months, mostly camping at free camps or in the streets of towns. His name is Allen and he walked out of a relationship 6 months previous.

The life is hard, he said but cold nights are the hardest to bear, no fridge, the bonnet of his car is his table, mostly lights small fires to cook by and is hoping to save money and get a better vehicle, like a station wagon so that he can sleep in the car with a reasonable amount of comfort.

Income comes from the disability pension, Allen is 64 years old, cant work because of a medical condition, lives on food out of a can or wheatbrix, bread, some fruit and water.

I took pity on him and when I cooked my tea that night, I prepared an extra meal of steak and vegetables, he said to me that was the most wholesome meal he had  eaten in ages and thanked me for being so kind. I even gave him a beer, so he was happy, I was happy that I could give him a-bit of cheer, washed up and retired.  

IMGA0075Allen relaxing.

IMGA0078Reeves Beach camp.

I stayed at Reeves Beach till Wednesday 29/10/14, tried several times to catch a fish on 80 mile beach but no luck, mainly because of the abundance of weed stirred up from the bottom of the ocean by storms or trawlers.

Whilst I was at Reeves a young single mother and her son were camped not far from me, I befriended them and helped them with firewood. The mother name was Courtney and her son was named Leitch. They had been living out of their car and pitching a tent and had been doing this for a few weeks.

IMGA0077Courtney and Leith.

Courtney’s Story

Courtney grew up in the towns of Mildura and Halls Gap, her parents separated when she was quite young. As a young teenager she was a bit rebellious  and got into drugs. Courtney told me that she went through a period where the drugs made her life a living hell, she wanted to die, was skin and bone, sores all over her body and could see no way out, except to die. In fact Courtney said to me that she felt dead and in her mind was just a living corpse.

It was a conscious decision on her part to lift her self out of the drug scene and she phoned her mother for help. Her mother brought her back home and she recovered and went on to University and studied medicine and social studies.

To her credit Courtney wants to relate her story with drugs and to try and influence young people from ever going down the path of hard drug use, she also wants to expose the additives and chemicals that are put into our food and she is doing this to not only give her son Leith a good life but to also bring it out in the open so that the general population has some idea of what companies will do to sell a product.

I wish her the best of luck in her 12 months of living rough and eating healthy and  fresh and I hope she succeeds in her goals.

My Stay at Port Albert

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