Friends and a Campfire

Having been camped at Port Albert Racecourse Reserve for over a week now, I have not seen many visitors or other campers except for Jo and Lee who are camped in a tent by the old race track. We have paled up and have been on a few non productive fishing excursions and have sat round the camp fire, having a few beers with country music wafting in the background and discussing ways of making the world a better place. Sadly we cant change the world but we have vowed to clean up and promote this beautiful reserve so that others may enjoy it’s natural man made beauty, which over the years has been neglected.

We have made the promise to return each year and do our bit to keep this Reserve a special place.

Jo and Lee leave tomorrow so I said I would prepare and cook a camp oven meal over the fire at my camp. I done a real old aussie beef stew with lots of vegies and just a hint of curry.

They loved it, I loved it and I loved their company round the camp fire with a beer or two.

It does one good to be friendly and to prepare and cook a meal that is truly appreciated.

Till we meet again the best of luck to Jo and Lee and a big thank-you.

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