Frustrated Fisherman

Today like many other days I have had no luck with my fishing mainly because of weed problems on beaches and bays around Port Albert, Victoria, Australia.
The weed problem I believe is caused in one part by stormy seas but the main culprit is trawl boats who are dredging up the sea bed over wide areas.
How to fix the weed problem lies with Fishing authorities reducing the number of trawl boats and moving the trawl areas further from the coast.

The other possibility is over fishing, we cant keep depleting fish stocks (numbers of all edible species at record low numbers) many of the species we see in fish mongers are also used to feed fish farms. The pressure from humans on fish stocks will in the future have such an effect that we will be unable to go recreation fishing, the pro’s will have their quotas severly cut and the price in fish shops will be sky high.

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