Lost Past

I’m staying at a place in Port Albert, Victoria, Australia which in the past was an icon and a small town meeting place for locals and visitors.

The place is called Port Albert Racecourse and Reserve and covers an area of over 100 acres, has many grassed areas with lots of shade trees, including large Banksia and Stringy Bark, has all the immenities like toilets, barbecues, picnic tables, even has horse yards and a enclosed exhibition area for horse events, like Camp Drafting.

The actual racecourse (sadly in disrepair) is one of the only sand tracks left in Australia and in the past would hold regular race meets and would be attended by people from as far away as Melbourne.

Now it is used by a few campers and people walking their dogs. Insurance would be the main culprit for stopping events being held here.

A lovely and peaceful place, close by are other small towns and the estuaries of Port Albert, where you can stock up with food and fresh fish.

Having camped here for over a week I have had a full appreciation and imaginary vision of what this place would have been like in its heyday, I sleep peacefully of a night dreaming of the events and good times that our forebears would have experienced.

Hence the verse I wrote about this place.

Port Albert Racecourse Reserve


Kevin L Fairbrother

The place is named Port Albert Racecourse Reserve

Established some 100 years back in 1851

Abandoned during tough times in the depression

Restored once again in 1976, reopened in 1980

You can relive the past when this place was alive

Listen and you can hear the ghost of the race caller

Has he described the horses racing to the winning post

and imagine the excitement of the crowd, dressed in their finery

Nestled amongst the Banksia and Stringy Bark trees

With lots of open spaces on fresh mowed grass

You can camp, enjoy a picnic or barbecue

and reflect on whet this reserve was like in the past

Sadly the reserve is a bit run down and

has not seen many events in recent past

But this could all change if you get onboard

and support the commitee to bring back the past

Such a place of rich history deserves to be saved

To be looked after and maintained, not left to die

Port Albert Reserve could once again be an icon of the past

All it takes is imagination, for-sight, people and money

Hope you enjoy

One thought on “Lost Past

  1. The description of Port Albert made me want to visit. It covered the salient points cleverly and in excellent prose.
    I was impressed by the poem, too. There no rules – only excellence – in poetry. That is the goal, anyway. I would like to see the poem broken up into verses. Whenever I change the subject in a poem, I begin a new verse, and wherever there’s a full stop I begin a new verse. I avoid as much punctuation as possible – but that’s just me. Poems can be written with or without verses. It depends on the theme and its treatment.
    Your poem is economical and flows nicely.
    You are on the way, Kev. Good luck.


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