I’m Not Alone

I’m Not Alone


Kevin L Fairbrother


Alone now, for all the campers have departed

I sit by the campfire and watch it glow

I think about the  many friends I’ve made

Whilst camping at the Reserve at Port Albert


The many stories that were told by the fires warmth

Will live in my memory, to be retold at night

For the nightfall is when you feel most alone

As the day time sounds just meld away


The moon all full slowly rises to turn the night to day

As the winds bends and twist the trees around me

I hear  the night-time sounds of the bush awaken

They comfort me,  for I feel I’m not alone


The night owl woo woo’s, the koala grunts deeply

The Kangaroo and Wallaby thump their tails upon the ground

As the stars burst forth in a brilliant twinkling array

I head for bed knowing, I am not alone


With sadness I will soon move on from this place so peaceful

For my time here has rekindled my soul and spirit

For all to soon I will be amongst the traffic and lots of people

and stress and pressure will not allow me to feel alone

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