Time Flies By

Time Flies By

By Kevin L Fairbrother

As we grow older, time just seems to fly

We welcome the new day and in no time

Well, we are looking at the night sky

We forget to do what we had just done

We can’t do what we used to, but try

We have to watch our diet both day and night

A night sleep is always interrupted

As the medication keeps us awake

And the bladder, well mate- it just won’t wait

The past we wondered how we coped

Raising a family with a full time job

Now it’s a full time job just remembering

What we need and what someone tells us

We have no need of a fancy watch

For it would have no hope, of keeping up

So we spend our time living in the past

To stop the time from speeding up

Crowds of people, create too much noise

And driving in traffic brings us no joy

We look for somewhere quite to hide

Spend our time saying sorry, I did not hear

The younger generation doesn’t understand

For they, challenge with what would you, know

The past is so different from what is now

So back in your corner, old man

Growing old is a race to the grave

A race that we will never win

For medication just keeps us going

As we wait our time in a rocking chair

For time means nothing… It, just flies by

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