Life             by       way2gokev

I was born                                     such a lovely baby

I was a child                                 moms pride and joy

I was a teen                                   so rebellious

I am an adult                                 a man of the world

I am living                                        house on 4 wheels

Been married                                born 5 kids

Divorced                                          now a partner

Have worked                                 Now retired

Laughed                                            See the funny side

Have danced                                   till morning

Have cried                                         heaps of times

Been Injured                                     now mended

Had a heart attack                         but still ticking

Worked hard                                     still do

Have travelled                                   now a Nomad

Played sport                                        had ago

Climbed ladders                                never fell off

Been electrocuted                            still alive

Broke a bone                                        It mended

Had money                                            now gone

Had many things                                just possessions

Could run                                                now walk

Drive anything                                      still can

Been deaf                                                  still am

Can sing                                                      not very good

Can build                                                    good with hands

Can write                                                    try my best

Computer literate                                  just a tad

Can cook                                                      any-thing

Can sleep                                                      like a baby

Drop a tree                                                  use a chainsaw

Play cards                                                     always

Gamble                                                           not much

Ride a horse                                                 used to

Fix a car                                                           not a new one

Lost loved ones                                          experienced grief

Been dead                                                      not yet

Love country                                                 I understand

Hate war                                                         such a waste

Love people                                                  tolerate some

Wear shoes                                                   no boots

Light fires                                                      with a match

Skin animals                                                 yea if dead

Butcher meat                                              when I need to

Love animals                                               everyone

Ride a horse                                                 never fell off

Pick fruit                                                         when ripe

Eat fruit                                                            so sweet

Grow vegetables                                        when I can

Make a bed                                                     just pull it up

Sew and knit                                                 not likely

Wash a vehicle                                             with a hose

Can swim                                                        to the bottom

Train a horse                                                used to

Pick my nose                                                why not

Clean teeth                                                   false

Split wood                                                     use an axe

Have sex                                                       when I can

Kiss and cuddle                                         like that

Tell a joke                                                      not very good

Talk a bit                                                        some times

Open a window                                        when I need to

Change a wheel                                         big or small

Drive machinery                                       like a pro

Write poetry                                                have a go

Give to charity                                            only change

Love fishing                                                  don’t catch much

Comb my hair                                              have none

Cut my nails                                                  no pick them

and life still goes on, and on and on but now I am being silly

and I have missed out something intentional that many believe that is what life is all about….. but not me…far to many other things to do

Feel free to add or guess what is missing but most of all treat it as fun.

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