A place we call Home

A place we call Home


Kevin L Fairbrother

The cold westerly winds rolls down the hills and across the plains

The frost on the ground as thick as a man’s hand

The air drawn in chills the body to the bone

This is the Central Plateau, the place we call home

Living here you need to be strong and resilient

Prepared to take what- ever Mother Nature brings

Wake to a snow blanket or biting winds and freezing rain

Or just maybe experience a hot sunny day

Life is hard for the high country people

Work to be done what-ever the weather

Wood to cut to keep the home fires burning

Feeding out or mustering or maybe a hunt

Keeps meat on the table and the dogs with a full gut

We choose to live and work in the high country

For the place is special, gives us a natural high

No place for the hustle and bustle of towns and cities

This place so peaceful, serine and quite

A visit to the high country an experience you will never forget

The extremes of weather, the rolling plains and the craggy mountains

The glistening waters of the streams, the rivers and lakes

The majestic Cider Gum, the snow gums and mountain heath

For the Central Plateau is like nowhere else on earth

For the dream time of old, the pristine wilderness

The night sky glistening and sparkling so very close

I love the high country, the place I call home

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