The River of Tar



Kevin L Fairbrother

The river of tar penetrates the Australian landscape

In all directions, in all terrains- the black ribbon

Weaves and wanders the coast, the inland and the great outback

Providing an artery to experience, explore and live the dream

Bringing forth the means to supply a diverse population

The life blood for those who live away from the big cities

The river of tar melds with the gravel and red dirt roads

Reaching into places where the great explorers have been

Rewarding those who adventure with a rich, diverse experience

Big cities, the coastal towns, farming communities, the outback

The river of tar makes it possible to grow the fruit and vegetables

To mine and extract the coal, iron ore and precious minerals

To harvest the rich and varied fish from the sea

Enables the many tourists to experience and see, Australia


The grey nomads live a life on the river of tar, living a life most can only dream

Experiencing an adventure of a life time, keeping many towns alive

So join the many on the river of tar, and live your dream

To experience what many see on the TV, you won’t be disappointed

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