Kevin L Fairbrother


The wind, so cold, so bloody cold

Wraps it’s freezing breath around me

Aches my head, numbs my body

Sucks my energy and dulls my brain


The wind it smashes, it breaks, bends and twists

Everything within it’s non-yielding path

Destruction every-where I look…it’s hell

As Mother Nature vents her fury on earth

The wind howls and screams it deafens me

I am fearful for it is relentless…it  gives no ground

I seek shelter and relief… but where

For this freezing blast of cold air is everywhere


The safety of my home so near… yet so far

As another blast completely bowls me over

It rolls me over and over and buries me beneath the snow

And blackness engulfs me… I’m buried alive


I feel no pain…just silence… but I am cold

So bloody cold, I’m shivering, shaking…feel so numb

I’m hovering between life and death… I loose consciousness

A blackness overwhelms and engulfs me


Surely I’m dead… but awaken in hospital

The wind, the snow, the cold has frozen my body

Frost-bite…now I feel horrendous pain

So much pain that I black out again

Only to be revived and the pain has subsided


For weeks and months I endured the pain

Minus fingers toes … a leg… I wish I was dead

Because I tempted fate by venturing into the wind

A wind that went so close to leaving me dead

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