High country dogs life







Dog Master


Kevin L Fairbrother

Fifty dogs all different in shapes and sizes

The breed of which, impossible to tell

Their names known only to one person

The High Country dog master Irene

Only Irene can handle and work this team

For the dogs, trust and respect her

Their home in the bush above the house

In kennels of hollowed logs and steel

Heading, gathering or pushing from behind

In the yards or on their backs, the dogs win out

The commands yelled out amid the noisy barking

For the job gets done with the dog master, Irene

The hounds on the hill get excited and start baying

The rousers bounce and jump and stretch their leads

The horse all saddled, the men go forth with guns

It’s time to move out on a kangaroo hunt

Gathering or droving on the plains and in the hills

The dogs search the land where sheep will be grazing

The hills are alive with the sound of barking

They have found their quarry and gather them up

Push them towards their master Irene

Heading for home as the cold night draws down

The dogs panting and puffing shuffle behind

And along- side the horse and the rider Irene

Home on their leads with barking and yelping

Eager for a feast of deer and kangaroo

The cold night, the wind roaring a storm is brewing

It’s time to rest for the dogs and their master Irene

As they know the new day will bring more work

For a dog’s life is not easy with the dog master Irene

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