Respect Mother Nature


By Kevin L Fairbrother

Mother Nature has no boundaries, has no rules

We live within her bosom, for she demands respect

She alone has the power whether you live or die

No one can control her, though some have tried

Mother Nature the mother of this Natural world

A world that we can see, feel, touch and experience every day

Provides us with every- thing we need to live or die

With respect always we must treat her

Unknown where she comes from but she is here to stay

Has been with us from the day the world was born

For if we miss-treat her, prepare for an early grave

For she has the power to create hell on earth, for us al


Forget religion it has no truth, for the gods were not born on that first day

Mother Nature has given us a world where we have evolved to what we are today

For only she has the power that controls the world we live in

And she can undo what ever humans create and say

We all must treat Mother Nature with respect

Think about every-thing you do that may upset her

For Mother Nature created everything her way

To balance the flora and fauna, the atmosphere, the rivers and sea

Created and nurtured all the animals that live to this day

With delicate balance of the planets, the sun and air we breathe

That provides everything we need to live on this earth every day

Respect Mother Nature for otherwise she will make you pay

In death we part the natural world in which we lived

Be we buried or burnt we are still within the bosom of Mother Nature

For composed of carbon we will survive in a different way

So we should thank and respect Mother Nature everyday

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