Another New Year

Another New Year


Kevin L Fairbrother

2014 done and dusted

I’ve welcomed in 2015

With a beer and crayfish

Round a campfire with some friends

New resolutions, not for me mate

Cause I wont keep what I promised

So I’ll just open up the gate… and

Let fate decide what’s in store for 2015

Like the man in the barbed wire canoe

Spearing tadpoles with a crow bar

You can bet my year won’t be great

But I’ll tough it out and see it through

I’ll do a bit of travel in my Ute and Van

Probably round Australia and free camp

when I can

Catch up with some mates along the way

Have a chin wag and a beer or two

I don’t really give a rat arse

What goes on in this world of turmoil

As long as they pay me pension

I’ll just live my life as free as a bird

But I will say this old mate

That its your family and friends

That will get you through

Should the hint of trouble strike

So enjoy your life one and all

Leave the stress and trouble behind the gate

Love your family your friends and mates

And be kind to your heart, it has only so many beats


Welcome to 2015

Let stress

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