Made my day

Made My Day


Kevin L Fairbrother

I haven’t put pen to paper in quite awhile as the days have been spent working and enjoying the great Tasmanian weather, nights, well by the time I cook a meal and sit down and enjoy that meal, watch a bit of news it is time to lay the weary bones down on a nice soft bed and rejuvenate the body through sleep.

There have been days that I have put in my memory bank and also jotted notes on paper to prompt me when the cold winter days are upon us and I will have lots of time to write.

I know, that there are many writers out there who put pen to paper religiously every day but I am not that way inclined as there are a great deal of other things going on that are more important and take most of my available time. The least of which is being alive and taking on board the new day with a background of peace and tranquility and knowing that I am safe and secure in little old Tasmania with it’s laid back lifestyle.

Whilst the rest of the world maybe in turmoil with unrest, natural disasters, wars, dictatorships, hardship and poverty just to name a few, here in my home I just let it pass me by, for I know that I cannot influence, nor change what is happening all over the planet.

I will go about my daily work effort as best I can and enjoy and live life the way I want taking into account what is happening around my immediate country area.

For there will be days that make that day special and lift your spirits and make you glad that you are alive.




Kevin L Fairbrother

Whilst mending the broken wire fence

A large shadow passed over head

So big, day turned to night for a second

Made me lift my head and look to the sky

Flying past, low to the ground was a bird of prey

So majestic so silent and fluid as it passed by

It’s large talons spread wide and eyes searching

A massive body with enormous wings

The tail feathers so distinct and wedge shaped

Dark brown in color with a golden crest

Large eyes and a massive hooked beak

Could only be a Wedge Tailed Eagle

I looked in awe as the Eagle passed by

Noting that there was another high in the sky

Smaller and a lighter in color a fledgling

Not long from the nest and learning the ropes

The mother so effortly soaring  on the thermals

Flapping the large wings when close to the ground

Ducking and diving and searching for prey

Showing the younger bird how it must be done

I leant upon the fence amazed at what I was witnessing

These birds of prey flying and strutting their stuff

Twisting and turning, soaring and diving, endlessly searching

A natural wonder right before my eyes

But all to soon the birds were out of site

And I was spellbound at what I had seen

The natural world of birds of prey

I felt privileged It made my day 

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