Another Log On The Fire by Kevin L Fairbrother

Autumn begins, the days shorten, Winter is around the corner

The weather patterns now drift further into Southern Ocean

With highs and lows catching the cold air and pushing it North

Warm air from the Indian ocean mixes with cold air from Antarctic

Just north of the roaring forties, lies Tasmania a temperate oaisis

The Island bears the brunt of the cold and windy westerly weather

Deep and heavy clouds full of ice, rain and snow sweep constantly

They hit the West coast then track across to the east coast, then disipate

All the summer months spent gathering, chopping and stacking firewood

Building a heap of 12 ton or more, hoping this amount will see winter through

The fires once lit rarely go out, kept burning to keep the home warm and cosy

For the days are getting shorter and the nights so long and bitterly cold

So warm and cosy inside the home by the fires glow

As we add another log to keep the fire burning

Taking comfort for the fire makes you feel good

As we scoff down the hot soups and stews

Soon it’s time to snuggle down in the warm bed

having built up the fire to last through the night

But often through the night nature calls

Whilst up we put another log on the fire



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