Life Choices



Kevin L Fairbrother

He sat in his rocking chair, willing time to pass

A stubby of beer in his hand and a fag in his mouth

Rocking to the country music blaring in the background

This man so alone, thinking about his last breath

Once a family man of great strength and character

Working days spent at the saw mill in the bush

Sucking on rollies through-out the working day

Never thinking that one day he would be short of breath

The ravages of life choices, booze and fags will shorten your time

For now his ravaged body is but a shadow of it self

Lacking in energy, can’t work, crippled with pain hard to walk

His body once full of life, now dying from life choices

Slowly the man lifts the beer to savior the nectar he needs

Time is suddenly frozen for he never gets his last drink

His body slumped he has succumbed, no pain now, just silence

The rocking chair now still, his body lifeless and growing cold

Life choices have taken this man too early, he was so young

He had the choice to not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco

He had the choice of living a long and productive life

But LIFE CHOICES ended his time on earth to soon

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