Welcome Swallow


The Welcome Swallow


Kevin L Fairbrother

Every year just before the onset of Spring

The Welcome Swallow visits our farm

We have endured the harshness of Winter

And the Swallow a welcome site for sure


For the Swallow hails warming weather

Brings cheer to us for we know Winter is past

For this tiny bird has flown from the Gulf country of Oz

To the temperate climate of southern Australia


Never landing on the ground, resting on poles and wires

These masters of flight gather their food on the wing

Visits our shores to renovate their home under the eves

For they are life- long partners these Welcome Swallows


The birds court and mate within our sight

Such a natural wonderful display they put on

Then it’s time to repair the old nest with mud

And feather the bottom where she will lay her eggs


The female sits on the eggs in the mud built nest

Whilst the male feeds and tends her every need

For days and weeks, she keeps the eggs warm

Until the day when the hatching occurs


The hatching comes then the Swallows hard work begins

From early dawn till the sun sets in the west

They both spend their time catching food for the young

All of it caught whilst they are on the wing


With warming days there are lots of insects to collect

As the Swallows fly in and out to the young in the nest

Their wide open mouths and the calls of feed me

They gulp down all the food that mom and dad bring


With three hungry mouths to feed the parents never stop

It’s nonstop gathering of insects and bugs

Such amazing aerobatics the Swallows put on a show

As we gaze in awe at their flying skills


The parents return to the nest through-out the day

No time to rest must keep up the supply of food

For the noisy young demand to be fed and pampered

For they are building their strength and exercising their wings


Then the day comes it’s is time to leave the nest

Encouraged by mom and dad they take the plunge

Out of the nest, under the verandah they fly to the power lines

Then look around amazed then take off following their parents


They stay around the house for a couple of months

For we love to see this family of five Welcome Swallows

Then one day in late February they disappeared

We were sad to see these Welcome Swallows go


But we know that when next winter is over

And the sun once again is warming

We will be happy and overjoyed

To once again have the company of the Welcome Swallows

One thought on “Welcome Swallow

  1. Hi way2gokev. Love nature and the birds. But sadly it seems mankind is rapidly wiping out all animal species! Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures.Very interested in all things Paranormal! Conspiracy theories and Observing this crazy dangerous and destructive society! Writing is a passion that keeps me Sane and Alive! Glad you liked my poems “Death! and Halloween!”Great to meet you. THe Foureyed Poet.


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