Takes two to Tango or in my case the time and effort to add to my blog.

It has been awhile and I have not  been sitting on my posterior, work commitments, travel and the lack of time have all dealt a bit of a blow to my input. I will make amends from today and post the story of Darren (my son) in; In the past. A few words in poetry won’t go astray, so all you good people out there in cyber land who wish to partake of my ramblings, you are most welcome and I hope you make sense of it all. Thanks to those who have taken the time to read my ramblings, I’m just sorry that I have not been posting much, not that I have much of a fan base but I will be working on it.

Remember Roam wasn’t built in a day so it takes time to put ideas on paper then tap away on a keyboard and life is to precious to waste too much time on a computer.

A night is filled with thoughts and ideas

Before your brain shuts down and sleep comes

Then when the sun brings forth a new day

Those thoughts and ideas have gone away

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