Hearts and Minds
Kevin L Fairbrother
They come, they go, like the sands of time
Washing our soul, disturbing our mind
Relentless, provoking, rocking our boat
Like the ocean tide that ebbs and flows

Days go by, too busy to think our past
Days are full on and time is short
Our years mount seven score or more
Only time we have left will even the score

Thoughts of the past are hard to recall
But those around you prompt your thinking
We may be growing older but none the wiser
As the fog builds and clouds our minds

But some light gets through to our darkened thoughts
And in quite times, we reflect of pain and suffering
When our soul and heart were scarred so deeply
Then smothered by enlightened happiness of life

Those memories of your forgotten past, hard to recall
Etched deep and jumbled in a cluttered mind
But when they present through the fog and mist
Your heart and soul like a volcano awakens
Your thoughts and memories live within others
Your loved ones, your family and friends
They never die they are always passed on
To live within someone’s heart and mind


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