Scarred and Blackened

Scarred and Blackened

Tasmania’s rugged but scenic South West

Lies an ancient land of pristine wilderness

Protected by a World Heritage Listing

An eco-system a thousand years nesting

A land of Aboriginal spiritual dreamtime

Where rare native flora survives, like Pencil Pine

And fauna abound on the Button Grass plains

With rugged mountain ranges never tamed

Hunter Gatherers burned to reduce the fuel load

The protectors now heading down the wrong road

By letting the fuel build to immense dimensions

A massive fire just waiting to turn the land ashen

The spirit of storm clouds gathers up high

For the rangers this is pleasing to the eye

But alas, this building spiral of cloud is dry

Just building thunder heads in the sky

The inner circle of the clouds one big mass

Intermingle, then with violence they clash

Spewing bolts of lightning to the ground

But not a drop of precious rain to be found

A searing bolt of lightning grounds

Amid the drought-stricken pencil pines

An explosion of sparks, then flames

A fire is born the lightening to blame

Spreading quickly with the brisk westerly winds

The fire races through the dry Button grass plains

A massive cloud of smoke drifts east

Alerting the protectors to this massive beast

The call goes out for fire fighters and water bombers

As the black smoke causes concern to near-by loggers

For the fire now a catastrophic inferno

Consuming the wilderness like no tomorrow

The water bombers and man-power useless

Against this cataclysm of wild fire that has unleashed

Thousands of acres of pristine wilderness

Now blackened and scared, a nothingness

For weeks it burned, some 100,000 acres

Now tamed by remote area fire-fighters

But the scars from the fire yet to discover

A landscape that will take years to recover

Penned May 2019 by K.L.Fairbrother

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