Kevin L Fairbrother

Scattered memories, some-ones pride and joy

Tangled wreckage, twisted and fractured

Once a prized possession, loved and enjoyed

Now a piece of worthless junk, no hope of resurrection

The value diminished, damaged and broken

Confined to landfill or scrap, buried or sent overseas

Small amount recycled or could be in the eyes of others

A sculpture and piece of art,, rejuvenated for others to see

China turns our waste into, cheap and nasty products

Then sell it to a throw away society, swallowed into landfill and scrap

Plastic remnants float in our oceans, eddie’s of mountains of rubbish

Swallowed by unsuspecting wildlife, tainting the shores of Islands, worldwide

Gone are the days of quality products, cheap rubbish fills our shelves

Inferior materials of dubious origin, made with toxic chemicals

No pride in workmanship, build it, ship it, who cares if your life cut short

They take your money and run, a message to us all who buy this crap

Cheap is no option for quality in materials and workmanship

Think about the environment and the lasting effects of plastic

Mother Nature will reward us if we do the right thing by the planet

Take notice and heed the words of wisdom and truth.

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