Friends come and go at will

Some even add to your woes

Others make your day complete

Be sure to appreciate the effort

True friends are hard to find and keep

Especially the ones that never put you down

Some will sling mud behind your back

Forget them, they are not worth the effort

Take the time to visit or call and ask how was your day

Look for signs that signal, all is not right in their world

Be sure to tell your friends you value their friendship

Always keep the lines of communication open

F. = faithfull, respectful and trustworthy

R.= resilient when times are tough

I.=indescribable their leadership to you

E.= enrich your life with care and attention

N.= never say no, when trouble strikes

D.= dependable always available

S.= sustain your faith in human kind

Kevin L Fairbrother 2nd of September 2019

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