My Ramblings

The short time that I have been on this site at I have been encouraged to continue with my writing (ramblings). Some of my friends ask, Why do you write? …and I ask myself the same question.

I put it down to impulse and my mind at any given time prompts me to put pen to paper.

Is writing good for me? Yes I think so, for writing activates my thought process, keeps my brain active, healthy and all wired up.

What do I write about? Well, anything… anything that is happening or has happened recently or in the past.

Every day things that I do, what I see, what I hear, what people say in conversation and what I am thinking at any given time.

Most of my poetry comes to me at night before dropping off to sleep and in some cases I need to get out of bed and find pen and paper to write notes, notes that I can relate to on the subject, that help me write about the next day.

Are the writings any good? from my perspective yes but it will be for others to judge and comment if they read my writings.

I don’t profess to be an academic writer, I don’t use words that I don’t understand or no the meaning of. I keep it simple, write about life, which can be happy or sad, good or bad but are  practical and make commonsense.

These writings could be about my family, my friends or people I know. If those who read my work understand what I am writing about, then that is a plus at means that someone out there is getting the message of what I am trying to write about.

There will be times that others don’t like or agree with what I write and there will be times that others like what I write.

If my poetry rhymes  that’s good, if it doesn’t then I still relay a message about every day life.

I don’t trash or give negative comments on other writers work and I expect others to respect my right to write about anything that inspires me.

Do I look for inspirations from writers on Word press, of course I do, do I want feed back from my writings, Yes, it would be welcome.

At the end of the day we do things like writing as a hobby or we treat it as a fulfillment of our thoughts.

Maybe my time could be better spent with the physical and practical side of life but that can be mundane and repetitive.

My writings are from me to others an expression of what I feel and am thinking about, instant thoughts on paper, if you will. I am not like an announcer on radio or TV for they have the means to do research, inputs from prompts and other people.

My writings are me

from my body and my soul

I put them on paper

For all to see

I don’t spend all day writing for I have many other things I need to do, like mending fences, cutting firewood, mowing lawns, tending sheep or taking the dogs for walks. I prepare meals, maintenance on the house, dig the garden, visit friends for a coffee and a chat. There many and varied things that I need to do in my daily life, writing is just one of them.

Mostly at night I sit down to type on things that inspire me, I don’t watch much TV, I listen to radio and play country and western music, I spend a lot of time training my Border Collie’s to be good yard dogs. When I am in my Ute and towing my van I seem to have a great deal more time to write and this is especially so, since retiring from a paid job. Even with out the job I don’t have a great deal of free time but I manage.

So having written the above I would be interested in what others have to say.

I am not on this site for glory or accolades, I am here to put my thoughts on paper and if I please someone, then I am happy. It puts a smile on my dial that I feel but cant see.

So thank-you to all those who view my writings, I hope you get a little something out of them and I will return the favor by looking at your writings.

Good health and happiness in your life and keep putting pen to paper.



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