Aussie Arty Mural’s

Australians are renown for their humor and having a poke at a bloke, or mate, they are also up with the best when it comes to art, like painting on a fence or building, making art structures out of nothing.

There are many nomads touring around Australia who are taking pictures of the mural’s that are painted on all sorts of structures in towns away from the major cities. The displayed mural’s attract thousands of visitors to the small towns, which in-turn brings welcome revenue and that source of revenue is keeping the little towns from dying.

The artist who paint the mural’s are everyday Aussies with a passion to get their talent seen but at the same time promote the history of the Australian outback and the men and women who lived through extreme hardship, of no money, lack of fresh food, fire, drought and floods and the murals are a recognition of their struggle.

a face tells many stories
Unique art
Abuilding comes to life

Many more of beautifully painted Mural’s to come. Stay tuned.