Friends come and go at will

Some even add to your woes

Others make your day complete

Be sure to appreciate the effort

True friends are hard to find and keep

Especially the ones that never put you down

Some will sling mud behind your back

Forget them, they are not worth the effort

Take the time to visit or call and ask how was your day

Look for signs that signal, all is not right in their world

Be sure to tell your friends you value their friendship

Always keep the lines of communication open

F. = faithfull, respectful and trustworthy

R.= resilient when times are tough

I.=indescribable their leadership to you

E.= enrich your life with care and attention

N.= never say no, when trouble strikes

D.= dependable always available

S.= sustain your faith in human kind

Kevin L Fairbrother 2nd of September 2019

High country dogs

HIGH COUNTRY DOGS by Kevin L Fairbrother

On any given day in the high country, WAHARJA station awakens

To a chorus of boisterous yapping dogs, of various breeds and colors

Winter, autumn, spring and summer, the dogs are ready to please

Yapping and jumping, they strain at their chains, eager for release

She treats them with trust and respect, kind words and gentle pats

That way, she knows that the dogs will always give their best

Irene their owner and shepherd knows all the dog’s names

For a dog’s life in the high country is hard, rough and tough

All the dogs have been bred on the station and will spend their lives there

There are hunters, rousers, headers and drivers and some in-between

Short, tall, big and small with coats long, short, thick and thin

Irene knows each one individually, knows their capability

For the work could be in the yard heading or separating the sheep

Or rousing and driving the kangaroo, even a deer or two

Droving the sheep on the many runs within the farm

Or gathering round the many leases in the lake country

The dogs give their all; work all-day in all sorts of weather

From snow to driving rain, cold freezing winds or a rare summers day

They don’t complain; sneak a rest and a drink when they can

Always working tirelessly, for the dogs want to please; their boss Irene.

As the day draws down and the work is done, time to head home

Irene horse Frosty, picks up the pace as the dogs follow along side

It’s been a hard, cold wet day gathering the sheep out of the hills

Now penned safely in the yards behind the shearing shed

The dogs wet and with tongues hanging out feel the strain of their effort

But still faithfully stay close at hand ready to jump to Irene’s commands

As the lights of home and a warm bed plus a feed of kangaroo draw near

For the day is done and tomorrow there is more work to be done

A brilliant red western sky slowly darkens beneath the horizon

Heralding a cool but sunny day, ideal for high country workday

The dogs now fed and snug in kennels, the horse, given his oats

Time for Irene to cook a feed, stoke the fire and call it a day

Droving the mob of sheep with the help of the dogs. Set in the Highlands of Tasmania.




Kevin L Fairbrother

Scattered memories, some-ones pride and joy

Tangled wreckage, twisted and fractured

Once a prized possession, loved and enjoyed

Now a piece of worthless junk, no hope of resurrection

The value diminished, damaged and broken

Confined to landfill or scrap, buried or sent overseas

Small amount recycled or could be in the eyes of others

A sculpture and piece of art,, rejuvenated for others to see

China turns our waste into, cheap and nasty products

Then sell it to a throw away society, swallowed into landfill and scrap

Plastic remnants float in our oceans, eddie’s of mountains of rubbish

Swallowed by unsuspecting wildlife, tainting the shores of Islands, worldwide

Gone are the days of quality products, cheap rubbish fills our shelves

Inferior materials of dubious origin, made with toxic chemicals

No pride in workmanship, build it, ship it, who cares if your life cut short

They take your money and run, a message to us all who buy this crap

Cheap is no option for quality in materials and workmanship

Think about the environment and the lasting effects of plastic

Mother Nature will reward us if we do the right thing by the planet

Take notice and heed the words of wisdom and truth.

Scarred and Blackened

Scarred and Blackened

Tasmania’s rugged but scenic South West

Lies an ancient land of pristine wilderness

Protected by a World Heritage Listing

An eco-system a thousand years nesting

A land of Aboriginal spiritual dreamtime

Where rare native flora survives, like Pencil Pine

And fauna abound on the Button Grass plains

With rugged mountain ranges never tamed

Hunter Gatherers burned to reduce the fuel load

The protectors now heading down the wrong road

By letting the fuel build to immense dimensions

A massive fire just waiting to turn the land ashen

The spirit of storm clouds gathers up high

For the rangers this is pleasing to the eye

But alas, this building spiral of cloud is dry

Just building thunder heads in the sky

The inner circle of the clouds one big mass

Intermingle, then with violence they clash

Spewing bolts of lightning to the ground

But not a drop of precious rain to be found

A searing bolt of lightning grounds

Amid the drought-stricken pencil pines

An explosion of sparks, then flames

A fire is born the lightening to blame

Spreading quickly with the brisk westerly winds

The fire races through the dry Button grass plains

A massive cloud of smoke drifts east

Alerting the protectors to this massive beast

The call goes out for fire fighters and water bombers

As the black smoke causes concern to near-by loggers

For the fire now a catastrophic inferno

Consuming the wilderness like no tomorrow

The water bombers and man-power useless

Against this cataclysm of wild fire that has unleashed

Thousands of acres of pristine wilderness

Now blackened and scared, a nothingness

For weeks it burned, some 100,000 acres

Now tamed by remote area fire-fighters

But the scars from the fire yet to discover

A landscape that will take years to recover

Penned May 2019 by K.L.Fairbrother

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Name Blanks

Way2gokev's Blog

As I grow older, I tend to remember less and less

Especially peoples names, which I always forget

Their faces I recall in my brain somewhere

But for the love of me, I can’t remember their name

In Australia a lot of people especially men call their friends not by their proper names. Popular names like Mate, Cobber, Bloke, Blue and many others, now there is another to add to the many “HARRY”

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Daily Prompt: Tea

via Daily Prompt: Tea


Tea is not the same as tee

Tee is all about a game of golf

Tea is like a cup of tea…..or

In Australia the night time meal


A cup of tea with scones, jam and cream

Is what we have for afternoon tea

Tea time is a cooked meal like a roast

Served with lots of vegies on your plate


Now supper is not a bit like tea

That’s America’s night time meal

The English have tea but call it dinner

In Australia, tea is the nightly meal


Cups of tea I’ll have through out the day

With a snack of biscuits and cheese

So when one mentions tea is ready

I know it is my night time meal


The Day Awakens

The Day Awakens
By Kevin L Fairbrother








A winking of the day to come
Not a cloud in the waking sky
In the chook yard feathers strum
As a rooster sends out his cry

The mocking bird makes noises
He knows not his own
In the barn the night owl perches
Will sleep the day alone

Sitting on the back-yard fence
A Magpie sings a sweet tune
The cattle dogs are tense
At the disappearing moon

A Starling with a nest in the eaves
Attends to her brood’s cry
As the sun rays strike the hills dew
The flies awaken in hoards they spew

The northerly wind sweeps the plain
Wakens the trees limbs and leaves
The roses in bloom release champagne
And attract lots of roving honey bees

Rabbits run around and around on the grassy dew
Down the path the ants form and endless que
Lambs search and bother mom for milk
The spiders inspect their lunch wrapped in silk

Brilliant colored butterflies dance in the air
In the barn mice play without a care
On the pond reeds, a frog croaks
Possums head home to their hollows by the creek

Ducks in the yard search for a feed of seed
Quack, quacking following the lead
Lizards climb the rocks to bake in the sun
Under the eaves the swallows mud nest all done

Foals and mares prance in the Lucerne paddock
Awakening muscles to burn off a full stomach
As a tiger snake moves in for a strike
On a young plover, the ones they like

The eagle soars overhead but not heard
The plovers get in to protection overdrive
The cows and sheep bellow for their hay
For the farmer is coming into view

Animals search for shelter from the midday heat
And head for water and shade by the creek
The day slowly draws down as the sun heads west
Soon the heat of the day will be gone, time for rest