Who the Why and There-fore

Who I am is irrelevant, what I do is relevant, therefore I will enlighten you as to why I’m here and writing this blog.

The reasons for being here are many and varied but I’ll expand on some of the reason I have a blog.

I  write words that connect to who I am, what I feel, what I see and what I experience.

Sometime the words connect in the form of a poem, other times it will be about what I am experiencing at any given moment, like mending a fence and a shadow hovers over me, causing me to look to the sky to view the source of the shadow, A magnificent Wedge Tailed Eagle  hovers overhead, I feel in awe as the eagle searches for prey.

I travel a lot, I see and experience the vast island called Australia, I travel thousands of miles, meet a great many people, visit many towns, experience the natural and man-made wonders, get up-front and personal with the environment, I eat when I want to and sleep when I have to.

For I have no time to dwell on who I am and what I do because I am so busy experiencing life.

The main reason for writing this is to gain experience in writing a blog, maybe be judged by my peers, the more I write the more power I give myself to succeed in my endeavours.

As a learner in this domain, I want to learn from others who have had years of experience in writing Blogs.

At the ripe old age of 68 and with osteoarthritis pulling me down with pain and stiffness this could be my only outlet left to stay sane and worthwhile.

I hope this makes sense to those who read.

Thanks and have a good day.


Welcome Swallow


The Welcome Swallow


Kevin L Fairbrother

Every year just before the onset of Spring

The Welcome Swallow visits our farm

We have endured the harshness of Winter

And the Swallow a welcome site for sure


For the Swallow hails warming weather

Brings cheer to us for we know Winter is past

For this tiny bird has flown from the Gulf country of Oz

To the temperate climate of southern Australia


Never landing on the ground, resting on poles and wires

These masters of flight gather their food on the wing

Visits our shores to renovate their home under the eves

For they are life- long partners these Welcome Swallows


The birds court and mate within our sight

Such a natural wonderful display they put on

Then it’s time to repair the old nest with mud

And feather the bottom where she will lay her eggs


The female sits on the eggs in the mud built nest

Whilst the male feeds and tends her every need

For days and weeks, she keeps the eggs warm

Until the day when the hatching occurs


The hatching comes then the Swallows hard work begins

From early dawn till the sun sets in the west

They both spend their time catching food for the young

All of it caught whilst they are on the wing


With warming days there are lots of insects to collect

As the Swallows fly in and out to the young in the nest

Their wide open mouths and the calls of feed me

They gulp down all the food that mom and dad bring


With three hungry mouths to feed the parents never stop

It’s nonstop gathering of insects and bugs

Such amazing aerobatics the Swallows put on a show

As we gaze in awe at their flying skills


The parents return to the nest through-out the day

No time to rest must keep up the supply of food

For the noisy young demand to be fed and pampered

For they are building their strength and exercising their wings


Then the day comes it’s is time to leave the nest

Encouraged by mom and dad they take the plunge

Out of the nest, under the verandah they fly to the power lines

Then look around amazed then take off following their parents


They stay around the house for a couple of months

For we love to see this family of five Welcome Swallows

Then one day in late February they disappeared

We were sad to see these Welcome Swallows go


But we know that when next winter is over

And the sun once again is warming

We will be happy and overjoyed

To once again have the company of the Welcome Swallows

Life Choices



Kevin L Fairbrother

He sat in his rocking chair, willing time to pass

A stubby of beer in his hand and a fag in his mouth

Rocking to the country music blaring in the background

This man so alone, thinking about his last breath

Once a family man of great strength and character

Working days spent at the saw mill in the bush

Sucking on rollies through-out the working day

Never thinking that one day he would be short of breath

The ravages of life choices, booze and fags will shorten your time

For now his ravaged body is but a shadow of it self

Lacking in energy, can’t work, crippled with pain hard to walk

His body once full of life, now dying from life choices

Slowly the man lifts the beer to savior the nectar he needs

Time is suddenly frozen for he never gets his last drink

His body slumped he has succumbed, no pain now, just silence

The rocking chair now still, his body lifeless and growing cold

Life choices have taken this man too early, he was so young

He had the choice to not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco

He had the choice of living a long and productive life

But LIFE CHOICES ended his time on earth to soon

Frustrated to say the least

When you have to head to the hills to one, gain a decent signal and two, to download heaps of files and programs, you can understand why I am frustrated. You pay good money to protect your computer from viruses and bugs and when they don’t protect your computer from hackers who have nothing better to do in life but to create trouble for innocent people who are just going about their daily lives.

To spend time and money not to mention the trip up to the top of the hill on a rough and rugged 4wd track to get your personnel PC up and running again it beggar’s belief that there are so many thoughtless people with twisted minds and a agenda to cause havoc to online users. Their agenda is not all about making money but to cause as much havoc as possible for their own egotistical being, so sad and thoughtless you have to wonder why they were born.

Eucalyptus Gunnii (cider gum)

The full Moon ablaze in the night sky

Beams down on the dead and dying Cider Gums

Their ghostly silhouettes, so white and stark

Now just a reminder of the past

The Central Plateau, the High Country of Tasmania

Is or was home to these magnificent trees

Now there bleached skeletons tell the story

That the environment in which they flourished has changed

Grazed extensively by native and domestic animals

Used by the aboriginals, settlers and trappers

The Cider Gum leaf, was used to make cider

And the sweet scent used to freshen homes

Eucalypts Gunnii (Cider Gum) unique to Tasmania

Once so prevalent and used in a variety of ways

Now standing forlorn, dead and slowly dying

Their limbs and branches bleached white by the sun

Many attempts have been made to re-introduce the gums

But the changing environment and pressure from the wildlife

Has meant that the Cider Gum is facing a loosing battle

For the seasons have changed, not enough rainfall and hot summers

And the  snow no longer on the ground for weeks on end

Such a unique and magnificent shade tree, stepped in history

Will soon be a distant memory and extinct

Will be left to the old timers to tell about the Cider Gums

For I have doubts that mother nature can revitalize Eucalyptus Gunnii100_1082

Another Log On The Fire by Kevin L Fairbrother

Autumn begins, the days shorten, Winter is around the corner

The weather patterns now drift further into Southern Ocean

With highs and lows catching the cold air and pushing it North

Warm air from the Indian ocean mixes with cold air from Antarctic

Just north of the roaring forties, lies Tasmania a temperate oaisis

The Island bears the brunt of the cold and windy westerly weather

Deep and heavy clouds full of ice, rain and snow sweep constantly

They hit the West coast then track across to the east coast, then disipate

All the summer months spent gathering, chopping and stacking firewood

Building a heap of 12 ton or more, hoping this amount will see winter through

The fires once lit rarely go out, kept burning to keep the home warm and cosy

For the days are getting shorter and the nights so long and bitterly cold

So warm and cosy inside the home by the fires glow

As we add another log to keep the fire burning

Taking comfort for the fire makes you feel good

As we scoff down the hot soups and stews

Soon it’s time to snuggle down in the warm bed

having built up the fire to last through the night

But often through the night nature calls

Whilst up we put another log on the fire



Burning Daylight- What does it mean?



Kevin L Fairbrother


Burning Daylight what ever does it mean

Could be about your daily routine

Or the hours you work from daylight to dusk

Maybe it means how you use the daylight hours

For your own satisfaction and well-being

To me it’s about crawling out of bed

After a restless night sleep from the heat

As evident from the crumpled and soaked sheets

As I greet the burning sun’s rays that announce the new day

Have to face the new day of heat, dust and flies

What-ever the weather there is work to be done

So it’s on with the shorts, t-shirt and wide brimmed hat

And a liberal smothering of sun screen with high UV

Gather my pack of bottled water then on my bike with dogs in tow

Down to the long paddock to gather the sheep

Already the shimmering horizon beggar’s belief

For the hot dry wind burns the air I’m trying to breathe

Burning daylight it’s like the earth is on fire

For it saps my energy, dulls my brain and sweat rolls off

Man and dog must be crazy to be burning daylight in this heat

As the temperature climbs to well above 50 degrees

No shade and no relief from the creek that has run dry

With the dogs panting we gather the sheep and lambs

And push on to the homestead and out of the heat dust and flies

For there will be shelter, shade and cool water to drink

I sit on the porch the dog at my feet and enjoy a feed and a drink

As the daylight hours fade away to a night sky

But there is no relief for the heat still lingers and burns

I know I will be facing the burning of daylight hours yet again 

Made my day

Made My Day


Kevin L Fairbrother

I haven’t put pen to paper in quite awhile as the days have been spent working and enjoying the great Tasmanian weather, nights, well by the time I cook a meal and sit down and enjoy that meal, watch a bit of news it is time to lay the weary bones down on a nice soft bed and rejuvenate the body through sleep.

There have been days that I have put in my memory bank and also jotted notes on paper to prompt me when the cold winter days are upon us and I will have lots of time to write.

I know, that there are many writers out there who put pen to paper religiously every day but I am not that way inclined as there are a great deal of other things going on that are more important and take most of my available time. The least of which is being alive and taking on board the new day with a background of peace and tranquility and knowing that I am safe and secure in little old Tasmania with it’s laid back lifestyle.

Whilst the rest of the world maybe in turmoil with unrest, natural disasters, wars, dictatorships, hardship and poverty just to name a few, here in my home I just let it pass me by, for I know that I cannot influence, nor change what is happening all over the planet.

I will go about my daily work effort as best I can and enjoy and live life the way I want taking into account what is happening around my immediate country area.

For there will be days that make that day special and lift your spirits and make you glad that you are alive.




Kevin L Fairbrother

Whilst mending the broken wire fence

A large shadow passed over head

So big, day turned to night for a second

Made me lift my head and look to the sky

Flying past, low to the ground was a bird of prey

So majestic so silent and fluid as it passed by

It’s large talons spread wide and eyes searching

A massive body with enormous wings

The tail feathers so distinct and wedge shaped

Dark brown in color with a golden crest

Large eyes and a massive hooked beak

Could only be a Wedge Tailed Eagle

I looked in awe as the Eagle passed by

Noting that there was another high in the sky

Smaller and a lighter in color a fledgling

Not long from the nest and learning the ropes

The mother so effortly soaring  on the thermals

Flapping the large wings when close to the ground

Ducking and diving and searching for prey

Showing the younger bird how it must be done

I leant upon the fence amazed at what I was witnessing

These birds of prey flying and strutting their stuff

Twisting and turning, soaring and diving, endlessly searching

A natural wonder right before my eyes

But all to soon the birds were out of site

And I was spellbound at what I had seen

The natural world of birds of prey

I felt privileged It made my day 




Kevin L Fairbrother

Islam ideology twisted and turned to

Portray a mind set by dischanted men and women

Who turn the teaching of Islam on it’s head

An envious betrayal against western nations

For the few misguided indifferent Islamists

Their doctrine of hate far removed from the norm

Will pay a price that may well end their lives

Scarring and tearing apart the Quaran teachings

I  Idealistic

S    Sadism

L   Licentious

A   Abominable

M   Misguided

The few who do an injustice to the Islam religion