Hi, solitude represents to me a place of peace and tranquility, of being alone with nature where your mind races with imagination of the scene before you, or there is a void of nothing, which ever happens there remains always an indelible image of the scene in your memory.


Solitude can also represent loneleness or boredom.


Loneliness of want, of time and attention

Expressed in the inward thinking of the mind

With thoughts racing of family, friends and foe

Twisting and turning, trying to ease the pain

By turning the negatives into positive thoughts

Being alone is a lonely place for one

Even lonelier for two, who face off with silence

Stewing and digesting those negative thoughts

Searching for ways and means to communicate

Maybe the time is right to put pen to paper

Jot down your reasons why you feel so lonely

For words on paper bring forth prompts

To give you are path to lessen the effect of loneliness

Turning all those negatives into positives thoughts

You are not alone with your loneliness

It befalls all human beings at some point in their lives

Written by Kevin L Fairbrother, January 2014