Poetry under one roof

Chill of a Winters Day

Wake to the chill of a winters morning

Scramble out of a warm and cosy bed

Hit the floor running to stoke the heater

The sight of a flame warms me up


A glance outside sends shivers down my spine

Makes me want to jump into the flame of fire

Outside it is white with glistening frost and frozen ground

And fog so thick you could cut it with a knife


Kettle on for hot cup of tea with a dash of rum

The fire roaring and slowly spreading the warmth

But not looking forward to facing the cold outside

Better to snuggle round the fire with a hot cuppa


The fog lingers all day and the thick ice never melts

The frozen bent plants and shrubs look miserable

Even the rooster too frozen to crow and face the day

The calls from the farm animals where is my hay


No relief all day so, so bloody dismal this winters day

But by the radiant heat from the fire everything is ok

Catch up with the news then grab a book to read

Hide the frozen world outside behind the blinds


A hot beefy stew with vegies and dumplings

And pumpkin soup with cream and damper

For the colder night air is now descending

Not long to go till we are snuggled up in bed