The Day Awakens

The Day Awakens
By Kevin L Fairbrother








A winking of the day to come
Not a cloud in the waking sky
In the chook yard feathers strum
As a rooster sends out his cry

The mocking bird makes noises
He knows not his own
In the barn the night owl perches
Will sleep the day alone

Sitting on the back-yard fence
A Magpie sings a sweet tune
The cattle dogs are tense
At the disappearing moon

A Starling with a nest in the eaves
Attends to her brood’s cry
As the sun rays strike the hills dew
The flies awaken in hoards they spew

The northerly wind sweeps the plain
Wakens the trees limbs and leaves
The roses in bloom release champagne
And attract lots of roving honey bees

Rabbits run around and around on the grassy dew
Down the path the ants form and endless que
Lambs search and bother mom for milk
The spiders inspect their lunch wrapped in silk

Brilliant colored butterflies dance in the air
In the barn mice play without a care
On the pond reeds, a frog croaks
Possums head home to their hollows by the creek

Ducks in the yard search for a feed of seed
Quack, quacking following the lead
Lizards climb the rocks to bake in the sun
Under the eaves the swallows mud nest all done

Foals and mares prance in the Lucerne paddock
Awakening muscles to burn off a full stomach
As a tiger snake moves in for a strike
On a young plover, the ones they like

The eagle soars overhead but not heard
The plovers get in to protection overdrive
The cows and sheep bellow for their hay
For the farmer is coming into view

Animals search for shelter from the midday heat
And head for water and shade by the creek
The day slowly draws down as the sun heads west
Soon the heat of the day will be gone, time for rest

perfect day for fishing

Perfect day for fishing


Kevin L Fairbrother

Not a cloud in the sky

not a ripple on the sea

A good day to go fishing

Lets launch the boat and see

Out in the bay at a fast pace

To a place we know we will catch a feed

Hooks baited, rods at the ready

We drop our lines to the bottom

No sooner the line hits the bottom

The fish bite like crazy, must be hungry

We reel them in till we catch our limit

Then back to shore to gut and fillet

A fresh caught fish straight from the sea

Seasoned and covered with plain flour

Into the pan it sizzles and curls

A quick turnover, on the plate and into our mouths

A perfect day weather wise

A productive day fish wise

Caught fresh and eaten fresh

With a side salad and beer and wine