The Day Awakens

The Day Awakens
By Kevin L Fairbrother








A winking of the day to come
Not a cloud in the waking sky
In the chook yard feathers strum
As a rooster sends out his cry

The mocking bird makes noises
He knows not his own
In the barn the night owl perches
Will sleep the day alone

Sitting on the back-yard fence
A Magpie sings a sweet tune
The cattle dogs are tense
At the disappearing moon

A Starling with a nest in the eaves
Attends to her brood’s cry
As the sun rays strike the hills dew
The flies awaken in hoards they spew

The northerly wind sweeps the plain
Wakens the trees limbs and leaves
The roses in bloom release champagne
And attract lots of roving honey bees

Rabbits run around and around on the grassy dew
Down the path the ants form and endless que
Lambs search and bother mom for milk
The spiders inspect their lunch wrapped in silk

Brilliant colored butterflies dance in the air
In the barn mice play without a care
On the pond reeds, a frog croaks
Possums head home to their hollows by the creek

Ducks in the yard search for a feed of seed
Quack, quacking following the lead
Lizards climb the rocks to bake in the sun
Under the eaves the swallows mud nest all done

Foals and mares prance in the Lucerne paddock
Awakening muscles to burn off a full stomach
As a tiger snake moves in for a strike
On a young plover, the ones they like

The eagle soars overhead but not heard
The plovers get in to protection overdrive
The cows and sheep bellow for their hay
For the farmer is coming into view

Animals search for shelter from the midday heat
And head for water and shade by the creek
The day slowly draws down as the sun heads west
Soon the heat of the day will be gone, time for rest

Who the Why and There-fore

Who I am is irrelevant, what I do is relevant, therefore I will enlighten you as to why I’m here and writing this blog.

The reasons for being here are many and varied but I’ll expand on some of the reason I have a blog.

I  write words that connect to who I am, what I feel, what I see and what I experience.

Sometime the words connect in the form of a poem, other times it will be about what I am experiencing at any given moment, like mending a fence and a shadow hovers over me, causing me to look to the sky to view the source of the shadow, A magnificent Wedge Tailed Eagle  hovers overhead, I feel in awe as the eagle searches for prey.

I travel a lot, I see and experience the vast island called Australia, I travel thousands of miles, meet a great many people, visit many towns, experience the natural and man-made wonders, get up-front and personal with the environment, I eat when I want to and sleep when I have to.

For I have no time to dwell on who I am and what I do because I am so busy experiencing life.

The main reason for writing this is to gain experience in writing a blog, maybe be judged by my peers, the more I write the more power I give myself to succeed in my endeavours.

As a learner in this domain, I want to learn from others who have had years of experience in writing Blogs.

At the ripe old age of 68 and with osteoarthritis pulling me down with pain and stiffness this could be my only outlet left to stay sane and worthwhile.

I hope this makes sense to those who read.

Thanks and have a good day.


Life Choices



Kevin L Fairbrother

He sat in his rocking chair, willing time to pass

A stubby of beer in his hand and a fag in his mouth

Rocking to the country music blaring in the background

This man so alone, thinking about his last breath

Once a family man of great strength and character

Working days spent at the saw mill in the bush

Sucking on rollies through-out the working day

Never thinking that one day he would be short of breath

The ravages of life choices, booze and fags will shorten your time

For now his ravaged body is but a shadow of it self

Lacking in energy, can’t work, crippled with pain hard to walk

His body once full of life, now dying from life choices

Slowly the man lifts the beer to savior the nectar he needs

Time is suddenly frozen for he never gets his last drink

His body slumped he has succumbed, no pain now, just silence

The rocking chair now still, his body lifeless and growing cold

Life choices have taken this man too early, he was so young

He had the choice to not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco

He had the choice of living a long and productive life

But LIFE CHOICES ended his time on earth to soon

Respect Mother Nature


By Kevin L Fairbrother

Mother Nature has no boundaries, has no rules

We live within her bosom, for she demands respect

She alone has the power whether you live or die

No one can control her, though some have tried

Mother Nature the mother of this Natural world

A world that we can see, feel, touch and experience every day

Provides us with every- thing we need to live or die

With respect always we must treat her

Unknown where she comes from but she is here to stay

Has been with us from the day the world was born

For if we miss-treat her, prepare for an early grave

For she has the power to create hell on earth, for us al


Forget religion it has no truth, for the gods were not born on that first day

Mother Nature has given us a world where we have evolved to what we are today

For only she has the power that controls the world we live in

And she can undo what ever humans create and say

We all must treat Mother Nature with respect

Think about every-thing you do that may upset her

For Mother Nature created everything her way

To balance the flora and fauna, the atmosphere, the rivers and sea

Created and nurtured all the animals that live to this day

With delicate balance of the planets, the sun and air we breathe

That provides everything we need to live on this earth every day

Respect Mother Nature for otherwise she will make you pay

In death we part the natural world in which we lived

Be we buried or burnt we are still within the bosom of Mother Nature

For composed of carbon we will survive in a different way

So we should thank and respect Mother Nature everyday


Life             by       way2gokev

I was born                                     such a lovely baby

I was a child                                 moms pride and joy

I was a teen                                   so rebellious

I am an adult                                 a man of the world

I am living                                        house on 4 wheels

Been married                                born 5 kids

Divorced                                          now a partner

Have worked                                 Now retired

Laughed                                            See the funny side

Have danced                                   till morning

Have cried                                         heaps of times

Been Injured                                     now mended

Had a heart attack                         but still ticking

Worked hard                                     still do

Have travelled                                   now a Nomad

Played sport                                        had ago

Climbed ladders                                never fell off

Been electrocuted                            still alive

Broke a bone                                        It mended

Had money                                            now gone

Had many things                                just possessions

Could run                                                now walk

Drive anything                                      still can

Been deaf                                                  still am

Can sing                                                      not very good

Can build                                                    good with hands

Can write                                                    try my best

Computer literate                                  just a tad

Can cook                                                      any-thing

Can sleep                                                      like a baby

Drop a tree                                                  use a chainsaw

Play cards                                                     always

Gamble                                                           not much

Ride a horse                                                 used to

Fix a car                                                           not a new one

Lost loved ones                                          experienced grief

Been dead                                                      not yet

Love country                                                 I understand

Hate war                                                         such a waste

Love people                                                  tolerate some

Wear shoes                                                   no boots

Light fires                                                      with a match

Skin animals                                                 yea if dead

Butcher meat                                              when I need to

Love animals                                               everyone

Ride a horse                                                 never fell off

Pick fruit                                                         when ripe

Eat fruit                                                            so sweet

Grow vegetables                                        when I can

Make a bed                                                     just pull it up

Sew and knit                                                 not likely

Wash a vehicle                                             with a hose

Can swim                                                        to the bottom

Train a horse                                                used to

Pick my nose                                                why not

Clean teeth                                                   false

Split wood                                                     use an axe

Have sex                                                       when I can

Kiss and cuddle                                         like that

Tell a joke                                                      not very good

Talk a bit                                                        some times

Open a window                                        when I need to

Change a wheel                                         big or small

Drive machinery                                       like a pro

Write poetry                                                have a go

Give to charity                                            only change

Love fishing                                                  don’t catch much

Comb my hair                                              have none

Cut my nails                                                  no pick them

and life still goes on, and on and on but now I am being silly

and I have missed out something intentional that many believe that is what life is all about….. but not me…far to many other things to do

Feel free to add or guess what is missing but most of all treat it as fun.