What is Love

What is Love


Kevin L Fairbrother

Love is a word expressed in so many ways

It’s meaning known to those who reach out

With-out fear or favor, sharing body and soul

Their body language enhancing the feeling

Love can be like a new day dawning

Or stormy and rough round the edges

Can be walking on the beach holding hands

Love is an experience, a journey with the end unknown

Love given freely with no strings attached

Is warm and tender and binds with strength

When given freely, love is returned

With fear and intimidation there is no love

Love can be giving your time to those who are hurt

The caring of the sick, the down-trodden and poor

Love and kindness to a child that’s lost

And flowers…. well they never hurt

Don’t be afraid to express your love

Say what you mean…do what you say

Give your love freely with touch, kind words

And trust and respect… your greatest gift

The results of love given freely can be seen everyday

In the faces of those who smile and have a spring in their step

The young and the old who smile and say G’day

For they extrude happiness to those who are sad

Love should not be about who has got what

For every- day things will come and go

The seeds of love will continue to grow

And burst forth like a sunny spring day

Open your eyes and look around for love abounds

It’s there for you to touch, experience and see

Take the time there is no need to rush

Take a deep breath… bend and smell the roses