making hay while the sun shines

Making Hay


Kevin Fairbrother

Gradually winter fades, spring has begun

The ground will warm up, the grass will grow

The winter rains, the spring sunshine, now for summer

This will make the grass grow and grow

The hot days with storms and rain

The grass is getting longer every day

Time to prepare the mower and hay rake

And make sure the baler is in ship shape

Plenty of grease in all moving places

The knives sharpened, bolts replaced

Machinery is ready for the harvest

Come December and hot dry weather

The disc mower attached to the tractor

Whirs into action to mow down the grass

Cutting the grass close to the ground, lays it flat

In the 10 acre paddock on the river flat

The paddock all cut in neat flat rows

Will need lots of sunshine to dry it out

A couple of warm hot days be ready to turn

Once turned another day be ready to bale

The baler hooked up begins to thump

As the pick-up feeds in the dry grass

The needle whirs and threads the string

The first bale rolls off the machine

Hour after hour the baler spits out bales

Soon the paddock is filled with square bales

The men move in with the flat tray truck

Load the bales with sweat and strength

The bales carted and under cover

The hay making machines now quite

The men gather around for a beer and a feed

The hay making done for another year

I had a dream

I Had A Dream


Kevin L Fairbrother


My paid working life as come to a end

Not rich… Not Poor… On a pension

With a lifetime of memories to recall

I am rich in experience that I will pass on

I had a dream that when I retired

I would work less and enjoy life more

But that dream did not become reality

As I am working more and relaxing less

Maybe the cause is my management of time

With family and friends taking up my waking hours

Or it may be because I don’t get out of bed till 9am

And half the day has gone and I’m not even dressed

There is always something to do, or somewhere to go

And there is never enough hours to do what I’ve set myself

But deep down I don’t mind as it occupies my day

As I just cant recollect where my time was spent

The words above I just wrote in the last hour

After cutting and splitting 4 ton of firewood

I felt the need to justify my time by writing this poem

For my new dream is to become a writer of poetry




Kevin L Fairbrother


Thoughts in mind

Words on paper

Message within

Digest and change

Topics and choices

Judge or refrain

Love… Hate



The sky… the earth








Insight… Mind

A poem is born

Read… Appreciated


perfect day for fishing

Perfect day for fishing


Kevin L Fairbrother

Not a cloud in the sky

not a ripple on the sea

A good day to go fishing

Lets launch the boat and see

Out in the bay at a fast pace

To a place we know we will catch a feed

Hooks baited, rods at the ready

We drop our lines to the bottom

No sooner the line hits the bottom

The fish bite like crazy, must be hungry

We reel them in till we catch our limit

Then back to shore to gut and fillet

A fresh caught fish straight from the sea

Seasoned and covered with plain flour

Into the pan it sizzles and curls

A quick turnover, on the plate and into our mouths

A perfect day weather wise

A productive day fish wise

Caught fresh and eaten fresh

With a side salad and beer and wine

upon the shelf

Upon the Shelf


Kevin L Fairbrother


I spied it sitting on the shelf

A pretty shape and so smooth

It set my pulses racing

And my eyes bulged in my head

I picked it up with gentle touch

And caressed the smooth skin

My fingers explored the bottom

Then ran up to the head

I put my face against the skin

Was bowelled over by the aroma

So I kissed it on the head

Then bit it on the shoulder

The juices flowed I sucked them up

And peeled the skin from the flesh

Caressed the body so round and smooth

Which made more juices flow

The flesh so sweet.. oh so sweet

I was drunk with ecstasy

All gone now.. just lingering sweet taste

Which makes me want to

Pick another Orange off the shelf


Inspired just now whilst eating an orange

What is Love

What is Love


Kevin L Fairbrother

Love is a word expressed in so many ways

It’s meaning known to those who reach out

With-out fear or favor, sharing body and soul

Their body language enhancing the feeling

Love can be like a new day dawning

Or stormy and rough round the edges

Can be walking on the beach holding hands

Love is an experience, a journey with the end unknown

Love given freely with no strings attached

Is warm and tender and binds with strength

When given freely, love is returned

With fear and intimidation there is no love

Love can be giving your time to those who are hurt

The caring of the sick, the down-trodden and poor

Love and kindness to a child that’s lost

And flowers…. well they never hurt

Don’t be afraid to express your love

Say what you mean…do what you say

Give your love freely with touch, kind words

And trust and respect… your greatest gift

The results of love given freely can be seen everyday

In the faces of those who smile and have a spring in their step

The young and the old who smile and say G’day

For they extrude happiness to those who are sad

Love should not be about who has got what

For every- day things will come and go

The seeds of love will continue to grow

And burst forth like a sunny spring day

Open your eyes and look around for love abounds

It’s there for you to touch, experience and see

Take the time there is no need to rush

Take a deep breath… bend and smell the roses

Why I have not posted recently

Since returning from my trip on the mainland of Australia, I have had a lot of farm work to catch up on, some truck driving for a mate who lost his license and have had to put up with some cold windy days.

To day it is raining  (of sorts) or trying to rain and it has been a good chance to catch up with emails and posts from so many of you talented people. Has been enlightening to have a good read of the poems, keep them coming.

Yesterday was quite warm so it was a good day to do some lamb marking and drenching of the ewes.

It is a very noisy time when lamb marking, with the moms baa-ing and the little lambs maa-ing you have a hell of a job just concentrating on the job at hand. The job got done and every body was glad of a rest and a cuppa, the ewes and lambs to a fresh lush green paddock of grass.

I put pen to paper and jotted down a bit of a ramble, hope you enjoy.

Marking Day on the Farm


Kevin L Fairbrother


On a warm and sunny day in November

the yard-ing of the ewes and lambs began

A slow and noisy task as there was lot’s of Baa-ing going on

for the little lambs were lost in the mix of the mob

The Border-Collie dogs barked and pushed as one

and soon the mob was yarded, ready to do the job

The lambs were caught and separated from their moms

and once again the Baa-ing and Maa-ing begun

With the gear already we started on the job

individual lambs were caught and sat upon their bums

with legs spread wide, a ring placed on their nuts and tails

then came an injection in the skin of 5 in 1

A tag clamped on their ears, then placed in the race

they squirmed and jumped and Maa, maaa-ed as one

then laid down in the race and cried and cried

Maaaa what have these farmers done

200 lambs were drenched, marked and inoculated

now came the turn of the ewes to drench and trim their feet

The Baa-ing and Maa-ing was loud and forlorn

for the mom’s needed their babies and the babies their mom’s

Back together now the lambs scrambled to find their mom’s

the lambs were still maa-ing as the latched upon the teat

Whilst the dogs barked and yelped to get them moving

As the farmers stepped in to help and push them along

Now safely in the new paddock of fresh and lush grass

The ewes heads went down to munch the green grass

The lambs still Maa-ing, asking mom’s what is going on

As the farmers looked on at the mob, their job well done 

The River of Tar



Kevin L Fairbrother

The river of tar penetrates the Australian landscape

In all directions, in all terrains- the black ribbon

Weaves and wanders the coast, the inland and the great outback

Providing an artery to experience, explore and live the dream

Bringing forth the means to supply a diverse population

The life blood for those who live away from the big cities

The river of tar melds with the gravel and red dirt roads

Reaching into places where the great explorers have been

Rewarding those who adventure with a rich, diverse experience

Big cities, the coastal towns, farming communities, the outback

The river of tar makes it possible to grow the fruit and vegetables

To mine and extract the coal, iron ore and precious minerals

To harvest the rich and varied fish from the sea

Enables the many tourists to experience and see, Australia


The grey nomads live a life on the river of tar, living a life most can only dream

Experiencing an adventure of a life time, keeping many towns alive

So join the many on the river of tar, and live your dream

To experience what many see on the TV, you won’t be disappointed

A place we call Home

A place we call Home


Kevin L Fairbrother

The cold westerly winds rolls down the hills and across the plains

The frost on the ground as thick as a man’s hand

The air drawn in chills the body to the bone

This is the Central Plateau, the place we call home

Living here you need to be strong and resilient

Prepared to take what- ever Mother Nature brings

Wake to a snow blanket or biting winds and freezing rain

Or just maybe experience a hot sunny day

Life is hard for the high country people

Work to be done what-ever the weather

Wood to cut to keep the home fires burning

Feeding out or mustering or maybe a hunt

Keeps meat on the table and the dogs with a full gut

We choose to live and work in the high country

For the place is special, gives us a natural high

No place for the hustle and bustle of towns and cities

This place so peaceful, serine and quite

A visit to the high country an experience you will never forget

The extremes of weather, the rolling plains and the craggy mountains

The glistening waters of the streams, the rivers and lakes

The majestic Cider Gum, the snow gums and mountain heath

For the Central Plateau is like nowhere else on earth

For the dream time of old, the pristine wilderness

The night sky glistening and sparkling so very close

I love the high country, the place I call home




Kevin L Fairbrother


The wind, so cold, so bloody cold

Wraps it’s freezing breath around me

Aches my head, numbs my body

Sucks my energy and dulls my brain


The wind it smashes, it breaks, bends and twists

Everything within it’s non-yielding path

Destruction every-where I look…it’s hell

As Mother Nature vents her fury on earth

The wind howls and screams it deafens me

I am fearful for it is relentless…it  gives no ground

I seek shelter and relief… but where

For this freezing blast of cold air is everywhere


The safety of my home so near… yet so far

As another blast completely bowls me over

It rolls me over and over and buries me beneath the snow

And blackness engulfs me… I’m buried alive


I feel no pain…just silence… but I am cold

So bloody cold, I’m shivering, shaking…feel so numb

I’m hovering between life and death… I loose consciousness

A blackness overwhelms and engulfs me


Surely I’m dead… but awaken in hospital

The wind, the snow, the cold has frozen my body

Frost-bite…now I feel horrendous pain

So much pain that I black out again

Only to be revived and the pain has subsided


For weeks and months I endured the pain

Minus fingers toes … a leg… I wish I was dead

Because I tempted fate by venturing into the wind

A wind that went so close to leaving me dead