Who the Why and There-fore

Who I am is irrelevant, what I do is relevant, therefore I will enlighten you as to why I’m here and writing this blog.

The reasons for being here are many and varied but I’ll expand on some of the reason I have a blog.

I  write words that connect to who I am, what I feel, what I see and what I experience.

Sometime the words connect in the form of a poem, other times it will be about what I am experiencing at any given moment, like mending a fence and a shadow hovers over me, causing me to look to the sky to view the source of the shadow, A magnificent Wedge Tailed Eagle  hovers overhead, I feel in awe as the eagle searches for prey.

I travel a lot, I see and experience the vast island called Australia, I travel thousands of miles, meet a great many people, visit many towns, experience the natural and man-made wonders, get up-front and personal with the environment, I eat when I want to and sleep when I have to.

For I have no time to dwell on who I am and what I do because I am so busy experiencing life.

The main reason for writing this is to gain experience in writing a blog, maybe be judged by my peers, the more I write the more power I give myself to succeed in my endeavours.

As a learner in this domain, I want to learn from others who have had years of experience in writing Blogs.

At the ripe old age of 68 and with osteoarthritis pulling me down with pain and stiffness this could be my only outlet left to stay sane and worthwhile.

I hope this makes sense to those who read.

Thanks and have a good day.


Name Blanks

As I grow older, I tend to remember less and less

Especially peoples names, which I always forget

Their faces I recall in my brain somewhere

But for the love of me, I can’t remember their name


I have  come up with a remedy to fix this problem

and it seems to work , for every-one answers

Though some with a worried look on their brow

As I just call everyone Harry or Harriet


But my name is not Harry or Harriet they say

And I say you tell me your name and I’ll forget

It’s so easy for me  to call you Harry or Harriet

As my brain and hearing is not the best


So don’t  be offended I mean no disrespect

It’s just my way of putting a name to a face

For sticks and stones will break your bones

But names like Harry or Harriet will  not hurt you.


Composed by way2gokev     9/11/2014

A few weeks back at a camp at Reeves beach I met up with fellow campers Rob and Lorraine and Rob just happened to be a bit of a poet like me.

Anyway he must have got sick of me calling him Harry for before he left he wrote me a poem, I love it.


by Robert Bradfield alias Harry

I’ve travelled round Australia

Seen lot’s of different places

I’ve met a lot of people

With different names and faces


But when we camped at Reeves Beach

At a place called 90 mile

There we met a fella

From down the Apple Isle


He pulls a great big caravan

and takes it nice and slow

He tows it with a Nissan

I said that’s the “WAY2GO”


He came across as a happy bloke

Whose vibes just seemed to carry

No matter what your name was

He just called you Harry


When we left we wished him the best

and you may not think this true

I’d forgotten what his name was

So I just called him Blue!


In Australia a lot of people especially men call their friends not by their proper names. Popular names like Mate, Cobber, Bloke, Blue and many others, now there is another to add to the many “HARRY”