Burning Daylight- What does it mean?



Kevin L Fairbrother


Burning Daylight what ever does it mean

Could be about your daily routine

Or the hours you work from daylight to dusk

Maybe it means how you use the daylight hours

For your own satisfaction and well-being

To me it’s about crawling out of bed

After a restless night sleep from the heat

As evident from the crumpled and soaked sheets

As I greet the burning sun’s rays that announce the new day

Have to face the new day of heat, dust and flies

What-ever the weather there is work to be done

So it’s on with the shorts, t-shirt and wide brimmed hat

And a liberal smothering of sun screen with high UV

Gather my pack of bottled water then on my bike with dogs in tow

Down to the long paddock to gather the sheep

Already the shimmering horizon beggar’s belief

For the hot dry wind burns the air I’m trying to breathe

Burning daylight it’s like the earth is on fire

For it saps my energy, dulls my brain and sweat rolls off

Man and dog must be crazy to be burning daylight in this heat

As the temperature climbs to well above 50 degrees

No shade and no relief from the creek that has run dry

With the dogs panting we gather the sheep and lambs

And push on to the homestead and out of the heat dust and flies

For there will be shelter, shade and cool water to drink

I sit on the porch the dog at my feet and enjoy a feed and a drink

As the daylight hours fade away to a night sky

But there is no relief for the heat still lingers and burns

I know I will be facing the burning of daylight hours yet again 

perfect day for fishing

Perfect day for fishing


Kevin L Fairbrother

Not a cloud in the sky

not a ripple on the sea

A good day to go fishing

Lets launch the boat and see

Out in the bay at a fast pace

To a place we know we will catch a feed

Hooks baited, rods at the ready

We drop our lines to the bottom

No sooner the line hits the bottom

The fish bite like crazy, must be hungry

We reel them in till we catch our limit

Then back to shore to gut and fillet

A fresh caught fish straight from the sea

Seasoned and covered with plain flour

Into the pan it sizzles and curls

A quick turnover, on the plate and into our mouths

A perfect day weather wise

A productive day fish wise

Caught fresh and eaten fresh

With a side salad and beer and wine